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Body Mapping as Teaching Tool – Dr. Jessica Lindsey

lindseyDr. Lindsey gave a thoughtful, entertaining, and informative presentation with useful tools for teachers of all student levels.  She covered four main areas: clarinet-specific approaches to body mapping,  jargon, incorporation of body mapping in teaching, and how to become a licensed Andover Educator (a body mapper).  Perhaps the most helpful, Dr. Lindsey discussed the concept of the body map — the brain’s concept of personal physical structure.  Injury occurs when the map doesn’t match the anatomical structure.  She demonstrated this through audience activities namely locating the Atlas Occiput or AO joint, and through discovering awareness of movement.  She concluded her lecture with helpful tips on how to incorporate body lindsey2mapping into teaching.  Namely, through enabling fluid finger function (natural curve of hand, movement from the back of the knuckle, and understanding the relation of the finger/hand/arm to the clarinet) through the awareness of the motion of the wrist.  She encouraged exploration of the hand position in front and behind of the clarinet, and strongly advocated discovering a relationship, not a place for the fingers.  Through discovering a relationship, the musician can better understand and create quality movement.

For more information, Dr. Lindsey suggested exploring bodymap.org, and contacting her directly with any further questions.

–Notes by Nora Shaffer
Nora Shaffer, a recent DePaul University graduate (CER ‘14, MM ‘12), is a passionate performer and dedicated teacher in the ChicagoLand area.  Additionally, she is Principal and E-flat Clarinetist with the Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet.  

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