Lagniappe Recital: Ackerman-Phillips-Carter

Phil&friendsThe first performer on this morning’s concert was Timothy Phillips (Troy University), accompanied by Adam Blackstock (marimba) with Lisa Canning conducting a pop-up interview prior to his performance. It was most interesting to hear about his work in developing the Troy Clarinet Day, and through his recently syndicated radio show, Clarinet Corner (episodes currently available online via soundcloud at Phillips performed an interesting work inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poetry for clarinet and marimba. Originally for saxophone and marimba, the composer, L.Mark Lewis, adapted it at Dr. Phillips’ request. The first movement was a real romp, featuring excited marimba playing by Adam Blackstock. Phillips sounded particularly lovely in the second movement, as his first entrance seemed to effortlessly emerge from the marimba sound. The unusual pairing of these instruments was really interesting and enjoyable. The mellowness of the marimba truly complimented and supported Phillips’ dynamic clarinet playing.

The final piece, Hietor Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras, was performed by David and Angela Carter (both of the Tulsa Symphony), with Katherine White (mezzo soprano), Ricardo Coelho de Souza (vibraphone) and Christine Souza (marimba). This interesting instrumentation brought this familiar piece to new life. Particularly of note was the sensitive playing by David Carter (clarinet), and the lovely support and leading of the bass line by Angela Carter (bass clarinet). Their sounds melded together well, sounding as one. Throughout both movements, the great interplay of parts and excellent communication between performers was appreciated.

–Notes by Nora Shaffer
 Nora Shaffer,  a recent DePaul University graduate (CER ‘14, MM ‘12), is a passionate performer and dedicated teacher in the ChicagoLand area. Additionally, she is Principal and E-flat Clarinetist with the Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet.


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