Lagniappe Recital: Musco-Copeland-Keogh-Monroe

The recital opens with Ms. Musco and Mr. Copeland performing Wood and Wind by Carlos Velez. The first movement, “Willow’s Litany,” begins pianissimo in the lowest range of the clarinet duo requiring excellent breath control and intonation throughout the movement. Written in a soulful medieval-esque counterpoint, the music at times soars into the strident upper range. The second movement, “Maelstrom,” has a feeling of perpetual motion. Ms. Musco and Mr. Copeland play almost constantly, creating a shimmering, glittering texture.

Next, Ms. Keogh performs Ventus et Unda by David Ikard, with Mr. Ikard performing as live sound technician.

The opening sounds from the amplified bass clarinet and recorded electronic tracks are primeval, eerie, ethereal. At one point Ms. Keogh furiously clacks the keys on her bass clarinet without playing, creating a crackling sound unique to that instrument. The music builds to an apocalyptic climax, and then gradually fades to nothing. Before the end, at times in the electronic track one can faintly hear B-flat clarinets.  There’s a story in this intriguing work; I don’t know what it is, but I like it!

–Notes by Sam Davies
Sam Davies recently completed his first year of DMA study with Dr. Guy Yehuda at Michigan State University. At MSU Davies can be heard performing with the Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, chamber ensembles, and new student compositions.


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