Lagniappe Recital: Lima-Palmer-Card

2014-08-02A Brazilian ensemble opened the recital program with performances of a variety of arrangements by Daniel Dalarossa, Reinaldo Lima, and Renato Leme. Ensemble members include Reinaldo Lima, Henrique Candido, Renato Leme, and Heber Pequeno who were all sponsored by Choromusic. The audience seemed to enjoy the variety of musical genres adapted for the ensemble, from Bach Prelude to Partita and from Charlie Parker to traditional Brazilian tunes.

Katherine Palmer took stage for the second portion of the recital with works by Peruvian composer, Armando Guevara Ochoa. Katherine introduced his musical style as capable of incorporating sounds of the Andes mountains. This first unaccompanied piece had a variety of styles, from gentle songs to festive dances. Michelle Von Haugg joined Katherine Palmer for Huayno, a delightful and short duo, a Peruvian Dance in 2/4. Lamento Andino, a beautiful trio for voice, clarinet, and piano, concluded Katherine Palmer’s performance on this recital. The performers executed beautifully and it was a wonderful shift in timbre and style.
The final portion of the recital included the last three movements of the Ravel Sonata performed by Patricia Card and Scott Card (cello). The third movement was full of beautiful and lyrical imagery which displayed Patricia Card’s warm tone and control, especially in the clarinet’s chalumeau. The piece had an abundance of challenges for the performers including rhythmic and contrapuntal scoring, long lyrical leaps and biting intervals, all handled with great attention to detail. Congratulations to all of these performers for a very eclectic and energetic program.–Notes by Dr. Mary Alice Druhan
Dr. Mary Alice Druhan is the Associate Professor of Clarinet, Texas A&M University-Commerce and a Buffet performing artist.


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