ICA Awards Gala

galaEach year when a new ClarinetFest is held, it is the results of several hundred hours of planning, work, and preparation.  This year’s festival peaked at over 1400 registered attendees, making this possibly the most highly attended ClarinetFest to date.  In recognition of all of the team’s efforts, President John Cipolla and the ICA board gathered to honor the artistic team for the year’s ClarinetFest. They are:

  • Robert DiLutis, Artistic Director
  • William Blayney
  • Robyn Jones
  • Michael Bartnik
  • Ben Redwine
  • Kate Young
  • John Coppa

At this time, the board also took the opportunity to thank sponsors, conductors, coordinators, induct the honorary members, and present competition winners with their prizes.

Honored Conductors
ICA Professors’ Choir-Piero Vincenti
ICA Professors’ Choir-Robert Walzel
Baton Rouge Symphony-David Hattner
Festival Choir Conductor-Mitch Estrin
Festival Choir Conductor-Raphael Sanders

Honorary Members
David Shifrin
Michele Zukovsky
Antonio Saiote

Honored Deceased
Laura Ezinwa Onwudinanti
John Patrick Stewart


High School
Coordinated by Elizabeth Crawford
1) Alec Manasse, $1000 prize
2) Paul Park, $750 prize
3) Julia Choi,  $500 prize

Young Artist
Coordinated by Maxine Ramey
1) Jose Pinto, $4000 and Selmer professional model clarinet
2) Jose Viana, $2000 prize
3) Hila Zamir, $1000 prize

Coordinated by Michael Norsworthy
After Pear blossom dwindled… for solo bass clarinet
by Jason Lim

Coordinated by Dr. Douglas Monroe
1) Erica Low, Examination of Embouchure Force During Clarinet Performance, $1000 prize
2) Jeremy Wohletz, East Meets West: Transcribing Balinese Gamelan for Clarinet Choir, $500 prize

Orchestral Excerpts
Coordinated by Jeremy W. Reynolds
1) Jackie Glazier, $1000 prize and a Gregory Smith mouthpiece
2) Shih-Wen Fan, $500 prize and a Gregory Smith mouthpiece

–Notes by Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales is a master’s student at DePaul University studying with Julie DeRoche and Larry Combs.  She currently teaches at The People’s Music School and performs with The Candid Concert Opera’s Orchestra Nova and the Chicago Symphonic Winds.


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