I.C.A. Winners Recital

Alec Manasse

Alec Manasse

On Saturday at 4:00 PM in the School of Music Recital Hall, the I.C.A. Competition Winners Recital took place. John Warren, professor of clarinet at Kennesaw State University, welcomed the audience and introduced the first performer, Alec Manasse. Alec was the winner of the High School Competition and he performed Solo de Concours by André Messager with pianist Henry Jones. Alec played with drive and intensity from the very start. The audience enjoyed his controlled, enthusiastic performance.

Next, the Composition Contest Winner took the stage to make some remarks about his piece. Jason Lim described his thought process when composing After Pear blossom dwindled… for solo bass clarinet as a journey of overcoming personal emotional pain. Excellent bass clarinetist Sauro Berti then came to the stage to perform this work, which features techniques such as flutter tonguing, key clicks, foot stomps, playing on the mouthpiece and neck only, singing while playing, multiphonics, and moments of actual speech. His performance was nuanced and well received.

The concert concluded with a performance by the Young Artist Competition winner, Jose Pinto. With Henry Jones as the pianist, Jose performed movements two and three of the Sonata, Op. 129 by Charles Villiers Stanford. Jose has a beautiful tone and excellent control, and his performance showcased his overt musicality. I particularly enjoyed the contrast between his breathtaking pianissimo and the dynamic intensity of the peaks of his phrases. Jose Pinto is an excellent clarinetist and his performance was extremely well done.

–Notes by Timothy Phillips
Timothy Phillips serves as Associate Professor of Clarinet at the John M. Long School of Music at Troy University in Troy, Alabama, and manages Clarinet Corner, weekly program on Troy University Public Radio.


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