Becoming Someone Who Wins College Teaching Positions with D. Ray McClellan

University of Georgia Clarinet Professor D. Ray McClellan outlined important concepts in preparing to apply and interview for college teaching jobs. He had five components which he discussed and supported with examples and anecdotes. In the category of performance, he identified four basic areas in which all clarinetists should have experience: orchestral playing, chamber ensembles, concerto soloist, and recitals. Additionally, it is important to record as much as possible in a variety of styles and genres in preparation for a well-rounded demo CD.

For pedagogy, McClellan stressed organizing your thoughts about teaching so that you know how to describe fundamental techniques and your own learning process. He gave tips on teaching masterclasses, as well as answering interview questions about teaching philosophy and style. The last three elements (profile, paperwork, and personality) covered aspects of your public presence, such as regular clarinet-related activities, preparing paperwork and websites, and knowing your teaching/interviewing personality. The session included great examples from McClellan based on his own experience as well as that of his colleagues and students.

–Notes by Jennifer Tinberg
Jennifer Tinberg is currently Adjunct Clarinet Faculty at Troy University and a doctoral student at Florida State University.


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