Teaching Entrepreneurship in a Conservatory Setting with Jeff Anderle

With the decline of professional orchestras in today’s market, Jeff Anderle explores the issues that face many young and recent graduates. Having been a founding member of several chamber ensembles in the California (Sqwonk, Edmund Welles, Redshift, and Splinter Reeds), Anderle offers his unique experience of having and hosting his own music festival, Switchboard, in the San Francisco area. With such a limited job market, this leaves the question as to what career paths are available to students.

Anderle is an advocate for diversifying one’s personal experiences. By exploring other musical avenues such as instrument making and music business, you essentially prepare yourself to work in many other areas that are still essential to the music industry. Anderle stresses that each of us has skills that are often overlooked and rather than overlooking them, we must draw upon these skills to further our careers.

–Notes By Dr. Victor Chavez, Jr.
Dr. Victor Chavez, Jr. teaches at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville as Lecturer in Clarinet and currently performs with the Tri-Cities Opera Company in Binghamton, New York.


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