Rocco Parisi and Sergio Bosi in Recital

2014-08-01The 2pm recital in the Union Theater Concert Hall featured Rocco Parisi on bass clarinet and Sergio Bosi on clarinet with the Ritz Chamber Players (Kelly Hall-Tompkins, violin; Kyle Lombard, violin; Richard Brice, viola; Tahirah Whittington, cello).  Rocco Parisi and the Ritz Chamber Players began the program with the premiere of Capriccio Genovese by Arthur Gottschalk. Soft minor chords in the strings introduce the initial material, with the bass clarinet rising out of the quartet’s sound. Parisi’s playing was full and resonant from the first entrance.

His first cadenza led into a faster section with rhythmic drive in the strings. A second cadenza made use of Parisi’s technical and expressive mastery and brought back the slower opening material. The return of the fast tempo brought the piece to a close with a final quote from Pagaini’s Caprice No. 24. Parisi then performed his arrangement of Paganini’s Variazion di Bravura Sopra Temi del Mose’ di Rossini. His performance of the theme was a great example of how well his tone complemented the quartet, especially when playing softly in the upper register. The perky and virtuosic variations that followed were enthusiastically received by the audience.

After a brief break, the Ritz Chamber Players returned to the stage with Sergio Bosi for Carl Maria von Weber’s Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, Op. 34. The first entrance of the clarinet was beautiful, and continued as Bosi played through technical passages with easy fluidity. In all four movements, the performers had great communication and were clearly enjoying playing. The quartet played with great melodic phrasing while Bosi made the clarinet part sound effortless.

–Notes by Jennifer Tinberg
Jennifer Tinberg is currently Adjunct Clarinet Faculty at Troy University and a doctoral student at Florida State University.


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