Patterson and Osborn in Recital

Thursday afternoon’s concert featured two lovely performances by Terrance Patterson and Sean Osborn with works written for clarinet and string quartet.

Patterson and the Ritz Chamber Players

Patterson and the Ritz Chamber Players

The first half featured Terrance Patterson, accompanied by the Ritz Chamber Players (founder of the Ritz Chamber Players and member of the Sphinx Symphony Orchestra), performing Samuel Coleridge Taylor’s very lovely Quintet Op. 10.  Coleridge-Taylor, not to be confused with his namesake, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, wrote this work in 1895, early in his career.  This rarely performed work features romantic, almost Brahmsian lines.  The reviewer particularly enjoyed Patterson’s eloquent rendering of the lovely, seemingly unassuming clarinet solo in the second movement.  The Ritz chamber players brought the different colors of Coleridge-Taylor’s music to life.   This was most wonderfully illustrated in their performance of the fourth movement; Patterson’s clarinet sang an almost happy melody over melancholic strings.


Osborn and the Ritz Chamber Players

In the second half, Sean Osborn performed a work familiar and dear to all of us, the Mozart Clarinet Quintet.  His velvety tone was complemented by the lovely accompaniment of the Ritz Chamber players.  Osborn’s Mozart was filled with many intimate soft moments, particularly in the second movement.  It was difficult to not feel drawn towards the stage, wishing to hear each soft note in his very intimate cadenza.  Most striking, perhaps, were Osborn’s many interesting stylistic embellishments. Osborn’s playing truly drew the listener in with his impressively soft cadenza in the second movement.  Osborn’s performance was a personal one, presenting a unique take on Mozart’s music.

–Notes by Nora Shaffer
Nora Shaffer, a recent DePaul University graduate (CER ‘14, MM ‘12), is a passionate performer and dedicated teacher in the ChicagoLand area.  Additionally, she is Principal and E-flat Clarinetist with the Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet.  



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