Climate Change! Navigating a Dual Career with Michael Goldberg

goldbergThis lecture by Michael Goldberg discussed the challenges and rewards of pursuing multiple passions in your career; in his case, music and meteorology. Goldberg’s presentation was especially fitting for this year’s theme of entrepreneurship, as he emphasized the need for individuals to create career opportunities based on their own strengths and interests, and to consider a larger landscape of possibilities.

The lecture chronologically highlighted aspects of Goldberg’s career as both a TV weatherman and musician, succinctly demonstrating his ability to combine two very different passions. His discussion focused on the importance of making connections (even if they don’t immediately pay off), figuring out what you want for your life and career, and then making it happen, and the benefit of maintaining a good reputation, as it will follow you through the rest of your career. He also stressed the importance of broadening your horizons, as a diverse set of knowledge can make the difference in securing future opportunities.

Goldberg’s talk was well-organized and easy to understand. The topic was clearly defined by examples cited from his own life and was delivered in a friendly and relatable way. It was refreshing to hear this unique perspective, as it is rare to realize equal accomplishment in such varying career avenues.

The success of Goldberg’s career is an excellent example of the influence a broad set of experiences can provide, and the deep fulfillment that can come with being true to yourself and your interests.

–Notes by Erin Miesner
Erin Miesner holds degrees from DePaul University and Truman State University. She currently performs, teaches and arranges in the Chicago area; most enjoyably with the Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet.


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