Artico Ensemble: Engaging Communities with Rianne Wilschut

Australia’s Artico Ensemble specializes in creating chamber music performances in community venues around Brisbane. The group’s aim is to make quality concerts accessible to audiences unable to attend mainstream concert halls and establish a network of small performance spaces. Artico’s experience is documented in current doctoral research, highlighting the benefits and challenges of this type of music making for all partners involved: the artists, audience and administrators. Artico has initiated partnerships with community organizations, businesses and local government, strengthening bonds between art providers, supports and arts facilitators, resulting in a model that may be used to enhance cultural participation in communities. This presentation by Artico’s Rianne Wilschut described the group’s history and modus operandi, made connections with available research and added to the discussion about the many ways chamber music can be featured in a portfolio clarinetist’s career.

This lecture was very enjoyable and well planned. Specifically interesting was the discussion on how small community venues are the path of engagement to the arts. By focusing on forming a model of collaboration between groups and venues, Artico has made a place for itself in Brisbane that adds to the existing opportunities and which does not detract from the opportunities previously available. This model would work well in many countries and it is beneficial to all that Wilschut has documented the process in such detail. After sharing research on concert venue comparisons, the author encouraged us to not rule out these smaller venues.

Wilschut’s enthusiasm for chamber music performance and cultural participation should be commended. Please contact her with any questions you may have!

–Notes by Dr. Dawn Marie Lindblade
Dr. Lindblade is the Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of Central Oklahoma and is a Clinician at Clarinet Pro Workshops, Austin Texas.


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