The Performer and Publisher by John Anderson

John Anderson, former Professor of Clarinet at the University of Minnesota, gave an informative masterclass titled “The Performer and the Publisher.” Anderson discussed various reasons why musicians might decide to publish music and the various types of publications in which those musicians would want to pursue, focusing primarily on arrangements. Anderson stressed that an important part of any arrangement is its copyright, which he covered extensively. He also discussed the importance of including suggested interpretations, editing aspects (page turning, dynamics, etc.), and researching manuscripts. Anderson brought up the fact that in the original orchestration of the second movement in Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces, Schumann did not intend for the clarinet to play the last note, however, it was later added with the encouragement of Clara. The masterclass finished with a performance of Ragtime Sonata after Joplin by David DeBoor, who was present for the masterclass.

–Notes by Dr. Michael Bartnik Dr. Bartnik recently joined the faculty at Nicholls State University as Assistant Professor of Music where he teaches woodwinds and performs regularly with the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra.


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