Orchestra Audition Finals

 Second Place winner, Shih-Wen Fan

Second Place winner, Shih-Wen Fan

A successful I.C.A. orchestra audition competition final occurred at 1:00 in the School of Music choir room Thursday. The event was organized by Jeremy Reynolds and the judges for the final round were Benjamin Lulich, Michael Rusinek, and Gregory Raden. Observers of the competition got to hear excerpt selections from Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, Shostakovich’s Ninth Symphony, Sibelius First Symphony, and Francesca da Remini by Tchaikovsky in addition to the opening of the Mozart Concerto. There were nine finalists who made the competition and they included Jenna Abdelhadi, Deanna Brizgys, Anastasia Christofakis, Benjamin Cummins, Shih-Wen Fan, Jackie Glazier, Evan Lynch, Erin Miesner, and Timothy Skinner. Jake Hale, a member of the Baylor clarinet studio and one of the accident victims, was unable to make today’s event and our thoughts are with him and all of the Baylor friends and family.

First place winner, Jackie Glazier.

First place winner, Jackie Glazier.

The second place winner of today’s competition was Shih-Wen Fan who played with bold dynamic range especially in the Mozart and Tchaikovsky excerpts and who played with an expressive legato in the Shostakovich second movement. The winner of the I.C.A. orchestral audition competition is Jackie Glazier who played with a beautiful and clear tone, a smooth legato, controlled technique, and delicate phrase release. Congratulations to all of these finalists and their teachers.

–Notes by Dr. Mary Alice Druhan
Dr. Mary Alice Druhan is the Associate Professor of Clarinet, Texas A&M University-Commerce and a Buffet performing artist.


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