Lagniappe Recital: Rowlett-Rodgers-Grantier-Turner-Forward 4 Quartet

The Lagniappe recital at 1:00 Thursday was well attended and opened with a spirited performance of Kenji Bunch’s Cookbook by Michael Rowlett and Stacy Rodgers. The duo navigated the difficult piece with ease.

The second work was Luigu Bassi’s Gran Duetto Concertato sopra motivi dell’opera La Sonnambala. The two clarinet performers, Laura Grantier and Tia Perdomo Turner, were both technically dazzling. A difficult and impressive performance from two of the United States Navy Band’s finest.

The last group to perform was the Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet: Henry Caceres, Kattiusca Marin, Samuel Noyce, and Jairo Velazquez. They opened their portion with Jorge Montilla’s Four for Four. Next up was a wonderfully silly performance of Clownery for Clarinets by Harry Stalpers complete with red noses, large polka dot bow ties and clown hats! They closed the concert joined by John Coppa performing Klezmer Dances by Goran Frost arranged by their own Henry Caceres. The last piece especially was a hit. Some impressive multiple tonguing and flutter tonguing was employed.

The crowd enjoyed a break from the serious side of classical clarinetting with this recital. Fun had by all!

–Notes by Dr. Dawn Marie Lindblade
Dr. Lindblade is the Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of Central Oklahoma and is a Clinician at Clarinet Pro Workshops, Austin Texas.


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