Our Deepest Condolences and Sympathies

The members of the International Clarinet Association extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the Baylor University graduate, Laura Ezinwa Onwudinanti and student, John Patrick Stewart, who both died in a car accident while traveling to ClarinetFest® 2014 to share their talents with the international clarinet community. Best wishes for speedy recoveries also go to the family and friends of Megan Taylor Ritzi and Jacob Travis Hale, who were injured in this accident.

The International Clarinet Association will hold a moment of silence in dedication to these talented, young people before each of the evening concerts this week at the festival. There are no words to describe the sadness that the members of our association feel at this moment for the pain and suffering that the families of these talented and dedicated young people feel now. The International Clarinet Association echoes the statement of the president of Baylor University, “Our hearts are broken today as we mourn the passing of these remarkably talented students who have been taken too soon from us.”

Dr. John Cipolla
President, International Clarinet Association (2012-2014)
Professor of Music (Clarinet & Saxophone)
Department of Music, Western Kentucky University


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